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HRRN, - HE-5 Resources' Mustang-Boss: The Superior Management Software for the Self-Employed Individ

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Tuesday April 13, 2010

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HRRN, HE-5 Resources Corp., HRRN.PK



HE-5 Resources' Mustang-Boss: The Superior Management Software for the Self-Employed Individual, for Their Professional and Personal Activities

NEW YORK--(CRWENEWSWIRE)--HE-5 Resources Corp. (other OTC: HRRN.PK) emphasizes that as opposed to other products, we offer the unique advantages of Triple Crown CRM Mustang Suite and its software (Mustang-Look, Mustang Boss, and the upcoming Mustang-Web) which are thought and designed to meet the needs of individuals to manage their personal and professional activities.

Why should only large companies enjoy the benefits offered by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software programs? It is true that these types of software are often too complex and unwieldy to handle and organize the actions, budget planning and social calendar, whether on a personal level or entrepreneurial basis. Therefore Mustang-Boss was designed with all the values and benefits but without the complexities of this kind of software.

Mustang-Boss, which includes HE-Modules with all the features of our Personal Information Manager, Mustang-Look, thereby gives a person the ease of use that CRM and ERP information management software provides for corporations. Reduce your costs, increase productivity and better control your cash-flow with Mustang-Boss, which is customizable and truly adaptable to your needs. Furthermore it will be very easy to meet your growing demands and later upscale to our future ?Business Edition?, without any data loss, helping you join the ranks of large enterprise.

Come test ride the available Mustang-Boss demo at www.triplecrowncrm.com.

You already have your copy of Mustang-Look? At the official release of Mustang-Boss, you will be able to add its functions inexpensively.

Let the profits ride!

About us
We are a developing service company, offering innovative and proprietary software solutions. Our integrated software suite Triple Crown CRM was designed for the needs of individuals and companies, in order to improve productivity of the ?front and back office operations,? (e.g. sales, billing, marketing, financials, e-mails, etc?). Since it will be sold as SaaS (Software as a Service), cloud computing will provide the insight, technology, and synergy to efficiently support the functions of your systems and operations!

Our business is to make yours successful!

For more information:
HE-5 Resources Corporation website: www.HE-5resourcescorp.com.
Triple Crown CRM website: www.triplecrowncrm.com


HE-5 Resources Corp.
Customer Relations: 646-205-2246









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